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The Greatest History Book ever written was by God through His Holy Spirit -- The Bible. As the Good Lord said, "The Truth Will Set You Free." The following is the whole truth:

The Truest History Book ever written about the beginning of our country, known throughout the world as the United States of America, is "What Every American Should Know" Authored and Published by Nick Pahys, Jr. with no outside help or funding.

The media as a whole has twisted all the true facts to promote their own stories (true knowledge is a better way of life). There has been thousands of hits and pages taken from my website with very few thank yous and no donations.

If this website gives you the knowledge and The Truth or the How and the Where to check out the facts for yourself, then I've met a part of my goal.

We are now a Foundation. Your donations are now Tax Deductible!

A donation of $1 would be welcomed, and if you wish to send more, please send no more than $5. If you send $5 I will send a commendation back to you via e-mail. In addition, your name will go into our Presidential Museum book saying that you have helped to sponsor and maintain our website and the One And Only Presidential Museum in the World honoring ALL our U.S. Presidents. Your donations are appreciated!

Your donations will help to enhance and maintain this one-of-a-kind website for the whole truth of the beginning of our great country known to the world as the USA, and to keep our museum doors open. Your donations also help us to continue to add vital documentation on past and future presidents.

Mail your contributions to 6585 Howard Road, Williamsfield, OH 44093.
You can fax us at 440-293-3384 or call 440-344-0523 with your credit card information.
We take all credit cards.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Nick Pahys, Jr. DDG, CH, ADvS, A.G.E., LDA, FIBA
Founder, Curator, Author

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