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Museum History
Museum founder Nick Pahys, Jr. DDG-CH-AdVS-A.G.E.-LDA-FIBA has made it his lifelong task to study U.S. Presidents. Now, he shares his collection amassed over 40 years with visitors to the Hartsgrove Emporium in western Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Nick Pahys All the American presidents are featured at the Hartsgrove Township museum. The collection includes educational material on John Hanson, the first president elected under the Articles of Confederation, through George W. Bush. It's all in one magnificent room under one roof.

One of the reasons Pahys established the museum is to inform the public about Hanson, the first President of the United States. Hanson, and seven others, served the United States from 1781 until the current constitution was adopted in 1789. As is widely known, George Washington was the first person elected President under the Constitution.

John Hanson He admonishes the fact that Hanson was not mentioned in encyclopedias until 1929 and that only one book has been published about his life. "This was a man forgotten for over 150 years," he said.

Among the pieces the museum features is a November 24, 1781 letter from George Washington to John Hanson where he congratulates Hanson on being elected to "the most important seat in the United States."

The museum doesn't stop at number one. All fifty-one presidents (8 elected under Continental Congress and 43 elected under the Constitution) are featured with plaques describing each president's life, their accomplishments in office, and information about their wives.

The Presidential Museum is a unique, educational experience. It's been featured in several publications, including the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Donations to enhance and continue adding more vital documentation on each president as it becomes available are appreciated. Mail your contributions to: 6585 Howard Road Williamsfield, Ohio  44093

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