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What Every American Should Know

From author, museum founder, and curator Nick Pahys, Jr. DDG-CH-AdVS-A.G.E.-LDA-FIBA comes a book that is a must for every American. Fact Not Fiction. Just for Yourself. The Book of the Centuries: What Every American Should Know -- and now you will -- about our Presidents, including the first President of the United States of America: John Hanson.

And there's more! Do you know about the Great Seal?

Every president from first to ninth -- including George Washington -- knew that John Hanson was our first president of these United States of America.

Furthermore, the Great Seal of the United States, which has been used by every president from Hanson to George W. Bush, was legitimized by a 1789 resolution to Congress prepared by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. The Great Seal was created by the John Hanson administration, and George Washington, when he took office, recognized Hanson's position and sought this seal to conduct the business of the office.

However, every president since John Adams failed to explain to the American people the importance of this 1789 resolution. Here's hoping that George W. Bush will right this wrong and make sure that the American people fully understand that John Hanson was our first president, and that the seal that his administration created is still used today. This is ALL FACT, not fiction!

This book is in SEVEN Royal Libraries and many world libraries. Mr. Pahys also proudle points out that his book is not in any political libraries.

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