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Because of Nick Pahys Jr. DDG-CH-AdVS-A.G.E.-LDA-FIBA's 50 years of dedication to true history; his extensive website and the publishing in July 2001 of his first book, "The Book of the Centuries: What Every American Should Know and Now You Will. John Hanson, the True First President of the United States of America. Plus Much More. Fact or Fiction. You Be the Judge!" The following awards have been bestowed on Mr. Pahys within the last year.
  1. The International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England has named Mr. Pahys as one of the 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century with his biography included in the IBC's First Edition Order of Excellency.

  2. The IBC has also named Mr. Pahys as one of the 500 Founders of the 21st Century.

  3. The IBC has honored Mr. Pahys as being one of the Great Minds of the 21st Century.

  4. Nicholas Law, director general of the IBC, has appointed Pahys as a Deputy Director General, representing the country of his birth, the United States of America.

  5. The IBC has named Mr. Pahys as one of 1,000 Great Americans.

  6. The IBC has bestowed on Mr. Pahys the perpetual honor of its Lifetime Achievement Award.

  7. The American Biographical Institute of Raleigh, N.C., has bestowed Mr. Pahys with its American Medal of Honor.

  8. Mr. Pahys' biography is listed in the IBC's International Register of Profiles prestigious 12th Edition.

  9. Mr. Pahys has been named to the National Honour's List of National Register's Who's Who In Executive and Professionals.

  10. Mr. Pahys' biography is listed as a director of the Distinguished Leaderships of the 10th Edition. He is also listed In the National Register of the World of Who's Who.

  11. Mr. Pahys will be giving a special lecture dealing with the United States' current predicament as well as being one of just 200 international delegates representing 50 countries aftending the 29th International Congress on Arts and Communications, sponsored jointly by the ABI and IBC, on June 30 - July 7, 2002 at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  12. The American Biographical Institute has bestowed special recognition for Mr. Pahys. The ABI has nominated him to be the one and only selected recipient of the Commemorative American Medal of Honor, honoring him as the Man of the Year for 2001.

  13. The American Biographical Institute of Raleigh, NC has named Mr. Nick Pahys Jr. DDG-CH the recipient of the prestigious ABI Key Awards in the categories of Education, Teaching, and Notable Author.

  14. The International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England recently named Mr. Nick Pahys Jr. DDG-CH as Vice Consul, in which Mr. Pahys was invited to write forewords for the IBC publications and to help make nominations for inclusions into these publications.

  15. The United Cultural Convention of the United States of America has highly recommended Nick Pahys Jr. DDG-CH to become a Noble Prize Medalist in this organization created in the United States in the year 2001. Mr. Pahys is one of the first nominees for this award for outstanding achievment that will, in time, start a dynasty to rival the prestige of the annual prizes awarded in Stockholm. Mr. Pahys is honored to be part of the start of a great tradition here in the United States.

    Mr. Pahys has been singled out as a nobleman at a particularly extraordinary time when true history is being exposed to the world. The word "noble" brings to mind a rank or status beyond reproach.

  16. IBC Director General Nicholas Law has selected Mr. Pahys to be one of only a "handful" (5?) of persons to be his personal adviser. The IBC represents five continents, so it is appropriate that Mr. Pahys' duties as adviser would encompass his home continent of North America. Another title "AdVS" has been added to Mr. Pahys' name.

  17. The Greatest Honour bestowed so far on Mr. Pahys has come from The American Biographical Institute of Raleigh, NC. Mr. Pahys was recently named as being included in the ABI's Special Dedication section of Great Minds of the 21st Century, a special publication honoring only 1,000 individuals of merit who lived in either the 20th or 21st century or both. Mr. Pahys is being honored alongside such esteemed names as Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa and Mahatma Ghandi -- to name just a few -- because of their dedication to their life's work. Mr. Pahys is also thrilled to be included in the list which also names U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

  18. This past spring, the American Biographical Institute named Mr. Pahys as Ambassador of Grand Eminence, a title which carries with it diplomatic worth as well as noble and dignified connotations. This lifelong honor will allow Mr. Pahys' ideals to live on forever in history as on of only 100 who were bestowed this distinguished honor in ABI's 35th year. In future correspondence, Mr. Pahys has added the initials A.G.E. after his name, which stands for the title Ambassador of Grand Eminence.

  19. Mr. Pahys was invited to become a member of the London Diplomatic Academy, which has a registered head office in London, England, and is dedicated to the organization of courses in International and Diplomatic Relations. The Academy also keeps updates on the activities of the United Nations, and it also publishes an annual Diplomatic Who's Who? Mr. Pahys is listed with the rest of the membership on the LDA website at

    Mr. Pahys believes that the Good Lord prevailed to him this honor -- to endure the sacrifice compassionately not only for the United States of America, but the world -- for true history -- which has not been properly taught throughout the world.

    P.S. Mr. Pahys wants to quote a great U.S. novelist and Nobel Prize winner. In 1949, William Faulkner, upon receiving his honor, said: "I believe that man will not merely endure; he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance."

    Mr. Pahys would like to point out that there is but only one Bible, not 22 different religions. Mr. Pahys asks, "Who is truly doing God's work?" Mr. Pahys hopes to stay in God's will, and he hopes that his work in the name of true history will prevail and endure. We hope that Stockholm will recognize this truth and bestow on Mr. Pahys the proper credentials, the same which they gave to Mr. Faulkner.

  20. The Board of The Annual Fellowship of The International Biographical Association of Cambridge, England, has accepted Mr. Nick Pahys Jr. to their International Biographical Centre. Mr. Pahys' honor is due to his 50 years of dedication to true history as a museum curator, teacher, and author. Mr. Pahys' honor includes the privelege of including the initials FIBA after his name.

  21. Mr. Pahys would like the world to know that he was nominated with his credentials about his lifelong work in true history of 50 years. His information was sent to the Nobel Committee in Stockholm, Sweden to be considered for a Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2003.

    The person nominating Mr. Pahys is none other than His Excellency Karl Juhani Mikkola -- a Deputy Governor and Ambassador USA. This man's credentials read better than the Who's Who of the world. Check it out for yourself at

  22. His Excellency Kari Juhani Mikkola -- a Deputy Governor and Ambassador USA -- sent the Royal Book of Diplomacy and Science, First Edition, to his Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf in Stockholm, Sweden as a guide. In that book, Mr. Pahys' biography is on page 132. He included a letter, and in that letter was his Excellency Mikkola's recommendation to the King in advance notifying the King that Mr. Pahys will petition for an audience with the King. If granted, sometime in the near future of the year 2003, Mr. Pahys will have an audience with the King.

  23. The Red Carpet Publishing Company of Noblesville, IN 46061 put Mr. Pahys' book "What Every American Shoud Know" number ONE in their History Section. They state on their website the following: "The Truest History Book ever written." They added that "this great book belongs next to every set of encyclopedias as reference material. You can check it out for yourself at

  24. Jagruthi Kiran Foundation Recognized by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Gov. of India: ``We honour individuals who have distinguished in their field, with our prestigious Honorary Life Membership of Our Foundation -- Our Executive Committee has Conferred this Honorary Life Membership and Gold Medal to you, Nick Pahys Jr. DDG-AdVS-A.G.E.-LDA-FIBA in recognition of your outstanding Achievement; For your dedication to True History -2003

  25. The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England, awarded to Nick Pahys Jr. DDG, Their Congress Medallion Medal for His Distinguished Participation -2004

  26. Let It Be Known Throughout the World that Nick Pahys Jr. Has Been Awarded the Albert Schweitzer Medal for Science and Peace 50th Anniversary Nobel Prize of Peace in Madrid (Spain), 24th June 2004. Signed by Prof. Dr. Alfonso Roldan More, president, and Prof. Dr. Hector A. Barcelo, chancellor. The award carries all the Honors, Rights and Privileges Thereof Pertaining to Schweitzer's award.

  27. The American Biographical Institute has awarded to Prof. Nick Pahys Jr. The Presidential Seal of Honor. For Exemplary Achievement in the field of true history. The true Presidential Seal of the United States of America has been used since we became the United States of America. It was created by our First President, John Hanson's administration. The true Presidential Seal of the United States of America has been used throughout our history to signify treaties with other countries, in the appointment of ambassadors and in international agreements. It is still in use today by our current president.

    International Biographical Centre of Cambridge CB23QP England has chosen Nick Pahys Jr. DDG, to be included in its Lifetime of Achievement -100- First Edition. Only 100 people were chosen for this honor. The Pahys biography will be included in the First Edition, featuring his true dedication to true history. Mr. Pahys has also chosen five sources in which copies of this First Edition will be sent. The five are: (1) His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, the Royal Court, Kungl Slottet, Stockholm, Sweden; (2) His holiness Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Palace, Vatican City; (3) Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Royal Household, Buckingham Palace, London, England; (4) Alfonso Roldan More, president, London Diplomatic Academy, Pdela Castellano, Madrid, Spain; (5) Charles University in Prague, office of the President, Czech Republic. Nick Pahys Jr. DDG would like to thank the International Biographical Center for this great honor in being included in this First Edition of the Lifetime Achievement One Hundred. On Aug. 27, 2004, Buckingham Palace, through the Lady in Waiting, Ms. Whitehead, sent a letter to the IBC confirming that Her Majesty received the First Edition. Here's what the Lady In Waiting wrote: "The Queen much appreciated your thought, and I am to thank you again for kindly sending her a copy of your publication." The queen was the first to acknowledge receipt of the book, and we are expecting the other four recipients to likewise follow suit.

  28. Mr. Pahys' name has been placed in nomination with the Nobel Committee for consideration for the 2005 Nobel Peace Price. Nominated by Kari Juhani Mikkola, it was pointed out that Pahys' body of work in researching the lineage of first American President John Hanson to that of Swedish ancestors may go a long way to repairing the high tensions caused by the ``anti-Americanisms'' present today in Europe. Ambassador Mikkola is Diplomatic Counsellor. UK. and Founding Cabinet-member of the World Peace and Diplomacy Forum. UK.

    Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
    National Award for Excellence for 2006

    Nick Pahys, Jr. (Ohio, U.S.A.) for Excellence in Museology

    To fulfill a lifelong ambition, his dedication to True History, Mr. Pahys opened The One And Only Presidential Museum In The World in 1992 in Hartsgrove, Ohio. This Museum honors all Presidents including the eight "Forgotten" Ones in History who served when the U.S.A. was under The Articles of Confederation 1781-89. The Museum also gives details of various other world leaders: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, etc.

  30. On numerous occasions, I have been approached to establish a Foundation of Benefaction both for the IBC as well as for its most distinguished biographees. After much deliberation and consultation I have decided to create The Foundation to allow you to honor those individuals who you consider deserve further recognition world wide:

    The Nick Pahys Jr. Foundation
    of The International Biographical Centre
    Cambridge, England

Donations to enhance and continue adding more vital documentation on each president as it becomes available are appreciated. Mail your contributions to: 6585 Howard Road, Williamsfield, Ohio 44093

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